There are three basic ways to emit fragrance into the air.
Via a scent carrier like a scented candle or scented gel. An other widely used method is the heating of perfume oil. The third way is to nebulize the pure oil into the air.

It is Retro scent’s opinion that a quality fragrance can only be produced by nebulizing the pure perfume into the air.
Other methods and systems then nebulizing can have a negative effect on the quality of the fragrance.
Retro scent uses a specially designed system which uses a room temperature nebulizer which is placed within the cartridge which holds the perfume oil, and then creates a 100% aerosol. This way the full fragrance with all its contents is evaporate without loss of fragrance.

The fragrance systems produced by retro scent are fitted with a finely adjustable nebulizing pump and a silent (as far as possible) adjustable ventilator. The ventilator is an essential part of the machine in order to transport the fragrance through and with the surrounding air. The combination of nebulizing the perfume and transporting the fragrance with a fan makes Retro scents machines one of the best products on the market today.

The adjustable settings on any of our systems make for the ultimate scent experience in any area or space.