Good to know what we do with scents

Our senses are based on sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, also known as the five dimensions. The majority of our experiences are stored in our memory by more then one dimension.

Scent is mostly the sub consciousness but most relevant factor in our memory and recognition.

By using the spreading of scent in a positive way, a product or surrounding can be given an extra dimension and therefore a better identity. Above all, using this system, new memories and positive associations can be created.

Our name Retro scent is chosen for the fact that scent experiences are always a combination of past and present.

It is Retroscent goal to improve sense communication and the feeling of wellbeing by producing state of the art fragrance systems and fragrances.

Kinds of scents

Scents / flavors are divided into categories in various ways. RetroScent fragrances used commercially. Thus, we have made the choice to divide our fragrances into four groups. Some odors can appear in multiple groups. The grouping is only an indicator to make the right fragrance choice for each project.

(A) Association (reference & recognition)

The most obvious category is the group of scents that can be associated with all kinds of things from everyday life and from the past. By making use of “well-known” smells creates an extra piece of experience.

(B) Identification (company, product or brand)

All brands / products / business areas, etc. have a certain design and / or target (group). Taste and visual aspects are optimally supported by scent with a predetermined identity. In this way, a full perception and perception of so brand / product or business to be created. For a identicatieve odor, use is often made of association in combination of a progressive odor of what is to be emitted. The corporate identity is optimally supported with a customized scent and the right distribution system.

(C) Communication (image & odor)

This group of fragrances can be used in support of an image (such as film or shelters / poster campaign) and thereby strengthen the communication or message.

(D) Decorative odors (camouflage & atmosphere)

Fragrance / perfume info

RetroScent geur cartridges bevat 50-100% zuivere parfumoliën (tenzij uitdrukkelijk op de cartridge omschreven). Onze geuren bevatten dan ook 25% tot 100% meer geurbestanddelen dan elk willekeurige top-parfum uit de winkel.


Smell is a composition of aerosols, which are small molecular particles that evaporate out of a substance. Through smell the odor can be analyzed. This may be observed for example food and danger (think of enemies) are free to see this.


An aerosol is a colloid consisting of very small solid or liquid particles suspended in a gas.

Clouds and fog are examples of an aerosol consisting of very small droplets of water. An example of aerosol which consists of solid particles is smoke.

Aerosols affect Earth’s climate, partly because they can reflect incoming radiation from the sun, and partly because they affect the properties of clouds.

Note: The term aerosol is also used in connection with a spray can.


Perfume is a mixture of various fragrance compounds in a solvent. In the most common is that perfumes solvent alcohol perfumes but on the basis of fatty substances are emerging. In addition, perfume often contains a fixing agent.

The fragrances can be roughly divided in aroma chemicals, essential oils and other aromatic plant extracts such as tinctures, absolutes, resinoids and Concretes.

Perfume types and properties

  • Perfume or perfume extract 20% -40% fragrance ingredients
  • Eau de parfum: 10-20% fragrance ingredient
  • Eau de toilette: 5-10% fragrance ingredients
  • Eau de cologne: 2-3% fragrance ingredients

A mixture is used consisting of 80 to 95% alcohol, and further water as a solvent for the aroma constituents. The alcohol evaporates fairly quickly, but the fragrance ingredients remain on the skin and evaporate in the hours after the application. Upon the application of a perfume, it is important not to want to smell directly, your nose will in fact be temporarily anesthetized by the still evaporating solvents.

Because some components of a perfume quickly evaporate and other ingredients remain long on the skin smelling a perfume is not always the same, just applied different scents dominant then after a few hours.

A classically composed perfume consists of three types of “nuts”: top notes, middle notes and base notes.

  • Top notes are the scent which is dominant directly after application. These notes are vital in selling a perfume. After roughly ten minutes they are hardly noticeable anymore. Typical top notes are citrus scents.
  • Hart notes are the scents that appear after the top notes have disappeared. Almost all floral scents are hart notes.
  • Base Notes are the scent that will remain after the hart notes have faded. Normally this will happen after 1 or two hours after application of the perfume. Base notes are capable of portraying scent for several hours. Examples of base notes are wood sorts such as sandal wood or olibanum.
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