Retroscent is supplier and developer from Fragrances and Experience solutions

Our senses are based on sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, also known as the five dimensions. The majority of our experiences are stored in our memory by more then one dimension.

Scent is mostly the sub consciousness but most relevant factor in our memory and recognition. By using the spreading of scent in a positive way, a product or surrounding can be given an extra dimension and therefore a better identity. Above all, using this system, new memories and positive associations can be created.

Our name Retro scent is chosen for the fact that scent experiences are always a combination of past and present.

It is Retroscent goal to improve sense communication and the feeling of wellbeing by producing state of the art fragrance systems and fragrances.

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Our fragrances

Our fragrances are made with great care and comply with all the standards and requirements!


It is Retro scent’s opinion that a quality fragrance can only be produced by nebulizing the pure perfume into the air.


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