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True to nature fragrances

Our 100% true to nature fragrances are produced with the utmost care for you and meet all legal standards, requirements and controls. Hence our guarantee that our scents consist of allergy-friendly substances and are safe for use for you and the environment.

Food and Beverages

The scent of freshly baked apple pie, the scent of chocolate or freshly roasted coffee beans. You only have to read these words or the smell will meet you! Did you know that home brokers advise you to bake apple pie when viewers come to view your house? The scent of apple pie creates a homely, warm and pleasant feeling that makes viewers feel at home faster.

A selection from our ‘Food & Beverages‘ fragrances: Belgian Waffle, Drop Shop, Apple Pie, Chocolate

Herbs and Fruit

Om de omzet op een groente en fruitafdeling in een supermarkt te verhogen wordt de geur van groene appels verspreid. Door de frisse geur wordt onbewust het koopgedrag van de klant beïnvloed. In toiletruimtes wordt de geur van citroen ingezet door de associatie met frisheid, netheid en opgeruimdheid.

Een selectie uit onze ‘Kruiden en Fruit‘ geuren: Anijs, Meloen, Aardbeien, Citroen, Groene appel

The scents of green apples is spread to increase the turnover in a fruit and vegetable department in a supermarket. The buying behavior of the customer is unknowingly influenced by the fresh scent. The scent of lemon is used in toilets due to the association with freshness, cleanliness and tidiness.

A selection from our ‘Herbs and Fruit‘ fragrances: Anise, Melon, Strawberry, Lemon, Green apple

Flowers and Plants

Scents is memory! Did you know that Retroscent provides the scent experiences in theme parks to make memories? Besides floral scents, one of our other superb fragrances is the scent of bamboo. Because of its soft and fresh character, this fragrance is ideal for clothing stores and the wellness sector.

A selection from our ‘Flowers and Plants‘ scents: Dutch flower mix, Roses, Blossom, Bamboo, Orchid

Back to nature

A recent countryside fragrance study made one scent stand out, the scent of freshly cut grass. Freshly cut grass is associated with healthy (farmers) outdoor air, cycling through the Dutch polders, vacations at campsites and so on. Similar is the scent of sea water that makes you long for your beach vacation.

A selection from our ‘Back to nature‘ fragrances: Cedar wood, Foggy jungle, Freshly cut grass, Pine forest, Sea water

Specials and Atmosphere

Retroscent has developed the scent of clean sheets for the hotel sector. The bedding in hotels is of course changed daily but to give that little bit of extra freshness, hotels use this scent to increase customer satisfaction. Curious about what Retroscent can do for your hotel? Call 0031-854842550 or mail sales@retroscent.com for information, advice and all the possibilities we offer!

A selection from our ‘Specials & Atmosphere‘ fragrances: Smoke / BBQ, Bounty Beach, Rhino & Reptiles, Dusty soil / cave

Neutralizers an Perfurms

A fragrance does not necessarily have to dominate very strongly. Fragrance can also be used to neutralize unwanted ambient odors, creating a pleasant surrounding. You can smell our soft fragrances in (clothing) stores, at events and in discos.

A selection from our ‘Neutralizers and Perfumes‘ fragrances: Summer Store, Shopdeluxe, Tomorrowland Fresh, Summer Fresh, Glamor

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