Fragrances list

Our fragrances are made with great care and comply with all the standards and requirements.

No. Food & Beverages
RS/001 Belgian waffle
RS/002 Chocolate
RS/002a Mint-Chocolate
RS/002b Orange-Chocolate
RS/002c Chocolate-Coffee
RS/003 Apple-Cinnamon rolls
RS/004 Bakery
RS/005 Cola
RS/006 Drop Shop
RS/006a Liquorice allsorts
RS/007 Peppermint (strong)
RS/008 Roasted coffee beans
RS/008a Café Noir
RS/009 Spearmint
RS/010 Gingerbread
RS/011 Apple Pie
RS/012 Cotton candy
RS/013 Popcorn
RS/015 Vegetable Soup

No. Herbs
RS/050 Anise
RS/052 Tomato/Basil

No. Fruit
RS/100 Lemon and Lime
RS/101 Melon
RS/102 Orange
RS/103 Pineapple
RS/104a Fresh Strawberries
RS/105 Apple (Green)

No. Flowers & Plants
RS/200 Holland Flowers mix
RS/202 Lavender
RS/203 Roses
RS/204 Blossom
RS/205 Bamboo
RS/206 Orchid

No. Back to nature
RS/300 Cedar
RS/301 Eucalyptus
RS/302 Foggy Jungle
RS/303 Freshly cut grass
RS/304 Pinewood
RS/306 Algues seawater salty & fresh

No. Specials & atmosphere supporters
RS/400 BBQ Smoke
RS/404 Hotel room / clean sheets
RS/405 leather
RS/409 Christmas Day
RS/410 Bounty Beach
RS/420 Fire wood / smoke
RS/422 Garage
RS/423 diesel
RS/424 Rhino & reptiles
RS/425 Dusty / cave
RS/426 Metal

No. Neutralizers & perfumes
RS/500 Neutralizer
RS/502 Rio World
RS/503 Glamour
RS/504 Constant
RS/505 Red Force
RS/506 Summer Store
RS/507 Shop Deluxe
RS/508 Tout Les Jours
RS/509 Grapefruit &  Green Tea (flavor guard)
RS/511 Fine II
RS/512 Tomorrowland Fresh
RS/514 Your Dream
RS/515 Fresh Day
RS/516 Happy
RS/517 Summer Fresh

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